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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  November 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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when we come back we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. sarah? >> hi tony. one problem of note is in the area of crestville and richie highway in brooklyn, so if you travel there a vehicle fire could tie you up. 51 miles per hour on the knot side around the harrisburg expressway. looks good on the west side checking in at 57 miles per hour. five minutes to travel south on 95 toward the fort mchenry tunnel and problem-free on the west side. 12 minutes to travel from top to bottom there. here at greenspring northwest corner of the beltway, accident-free at this time. no problems at dulaney valley. so, so far, so good despite the one problem.
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back to you. >> our big story this morning, two people are dead after a fire at a business in anne arundel county. >> it happened at an autobody repair shop in glen burnie. the two victims were employees at the shop. >> good morning. this is an area a little off the beaten path across from united rentals. this fire started yesterday morning about 9:30. when firefighters arrived it took them about an hour to get the fire under control. it took 60 firefighters to put the fire out then firefighters were told there could be two people still inside sleeping. 45-year-old macho acevado and johnny ramos worked 16-hour to 18-hour shifts and often slept there.
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>> we all loved both of them. we have to deal with it. >> investigators are working with the family to try to positively identify them. right now the cause of this fire is unknown. with this building being as completely damaged as it is, it's going to take a little while to determine the cause. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> meanwhile anne arundel county police have released a sketch of a man they say raped a woman in laurel. the woman says she was attacked after taking out the trash monday night. if you have any information on the crime you're urged to call anne arundel county police. a former towson university foon star and nfl standout was sentenced after rape and burglary. he was a running back at towson in the 1980's and his son is a
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running back at the university of maryland. the former giant, jet and patriot raped a college student inside her home last year. his lawyers say they will appeal the conviction. >> and police say the death of a towson university student was the result of a hair win overdose. the rug by coach told the campus newspaper his death was a surprise and hopes lit serve as a cautionary tale for all students. >> and how to reduce the deficit, only a few weeks to do something about it. mandates, entitlement expenses and although governor martin o'malley says there will not be a new tax, some believe there will be an increase in the alcohol tax.
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>> a new report ranks baltimore second on the city most un appealing. it took into factors friendlyness, intelligence, fitness and food. not many are happy with the report. that brings us to or water cooler question of the day, what do you think of a newspaper ranking baltimore second in the city with the most unattractive people in the united states? >> switching gears, president obama honning our nation's heroes. he took time to speak with those stationed in southeast asia. kate amara live in our washington bureau this morning with the details. >> good morning.
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president obama is in south korea for the g-20 summit and says he is focused on balance and sustainable economic goat. >> president barack obama in seoul for the opening of the g-20 summit, holding bilateral meetings with the leaders of germany and acknowledging efforts on the new trade agreement have fallen short, at least on this trip. >> we have asked our teams to work tirelessly in the coming days to get this done. >> sats blow to the president's efforts. and discussions will continue in washington. >> it could be a win for the united states, because it would increase the exports of american goods by some $10 billion and billions more in services supporting more than
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10 approximately jobs back home. >> while in south korea president obama took time to speak to veterans on veterans' day. >> you've made possible one of the great success stories of our time. >> and the president also delivered several warnings to north korea today saying the north's pursuit of nuclear weapons will only lead to more isolation and less security. i'm kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> so kate did the first lady travel with the president to south korea? >> no. actually, the first lady stopped in germany on her way home from this asian trip and today is meeting with service members and wounded troops at several u.s. military bases in germany. >> thank you kate. 44 degrees on tv hill. it's 5:06. a teen is beaten to death at a college party.
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>> and an administrator charged with killing a woman's husband and then presiding over his funeral. he was tracked down eight months after the murder. >> more traffic and news when
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>> welcome back, the time is nine minutes after 5:00 a.m. it's a very nice day today. dropped into the 30's up north and west. 32 in frederick, 29 in york, pennsylvania and 47 at the airport. forecast for today, mostly sunny. beautiful afternoon with a high near 65. when we come back we'll check the seven-day forecast going into the weekend. >> covering the nation this morning, four people are charged with murder in the stomping death of an 18-year-old gahiji tshamba teen at a house party but three of
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the four claim they are innocent and just watched the deadly beating. officials say tillman died as a result of his heart being lacerated during the kicking and stomping and that the injury caused him to lose bad very quickly. >> and murder charges in the death of a member of his congregation and husband of his alleged mistress. before being accused he officiated at the man's funeral and even gave the eulogy. he fled and was finally found in spartansburg, south carolina. >> officials are trying to figure out what went wrong with this implosion. attempting to bring down a tower. debt fair to say didn't go off and it fell in the wrong
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direction knocking out power to more than 4,000 customers. luckily nobody was hurt. that's the most important thing. >> the time 5:10, 44 degrees on tv hill. still ahead the business news in the bloomberg business report. >> and a report says 14% of homes fail in coming in spotless and germless. >> we'll update you on traffic, coming u
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>> how's this thursday? feels like it should be friday. >> it really does. but it's just thursday and so far, so good on the major roads. this is the one problem you want to watch for at crest welle road and richie highway. in the brooklyn region. other than that, we're doing just fine. 51 miles per hour on the north side. as you make your approach to
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the j.f.x. 795 and i-70 looking good. to the harbor tunnel tolls, five minutes to travel from 895 to the fort mchenry. a quick live look outside shows you what's going on in greenspring, not much. outer loop traffic, things are heavier but no signs of delays yet. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony? >> good morning. things are pretty quiet right now. no weather trouble. mostly clear skies. temperatures in the low to mid 40's at the present time and this nice stretch of weather will continue through the beginning of the weekend and little change until the beginning of next week. the big storm that was producing the rain and snow in new england is gone. shower activity in the plains states and snow in the rocky
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mountains but that system will be slow to walk its way to the east. eventually some of the rain will catch up to us, but probably not until next week. more of the same food weather. mostly sunny. highs in the mid 60's this afternoon. average high is 58. sunrise at 6:45. overnight mostly clear and seasonably cool. low to mid 40's in the -- in the mid 40's. sunshine and mild temperatures on the coast. might get close to 70 on friday. the front gets stronger off to our west and a piece of that energy could roll through here on sunday, but the best chance for rain will hold off until attitudes or wednesday of next week. but really as nice as it gets
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for this time of year. 68 on saturday. slight chance for a rain shower on sunday but eastbound then i think most of sunday will be dry. so a great weekend coming up and fairly decent chance for rain tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> in this morning's "consumer alert" 11 of the biggest airlines are fineed in a price-fixing case. mega aairlines, k.l.m. and british air-wise are among those fined by european union regulators accused of coordinating surcharges without discounts from 1999 to 2006. air france and k.l.m. were find $468 million. no american airlines were chargeed in that price-fixing scheme. some suggest the green revolution is losing its luster.
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sales of items like bottled water are growing and the mood of consumers is swinging away from green items believing they are too expensive and don't work enough. it's being called green fatigue. >> take a look at your kitchen. how would your kitchen score if it were graded like a restaurant kitchen? >> fire sprinklers are a good idea. >> nancy bozz worth does something many parents every day. >> i cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> her children are homeschooled meaning more time in the kitchen for mom. >> mac and cheese is a favorite. homemade. >> 14% of home kitchens would fail safety standards. >> wow. >> is that surprising? >> yes. >> and did you know what you do
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or don't do in the kitchen may be contributing to whether or not you're making your family sick. >> food that looks perfectly healthy may still have pathogens. >> juan suarez sees four dozen cases of food bourn illnesses. >> you may be preparing raw meat and then cutting the raw meat on a surface with a knife then you don't realize you put your raw lettuce afterwards to put your prepare your salad. >> keeping your fridge at 41 degrees or less and replace cleaning sponges and always clean your sink after washing different types of foods. >> washing meats before they cook them is a healthy thing, yes, but at the same time you're releasing bacteria in your sink near dishes. >> food for thought for this parent who wants to meet the
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grade. >> i have six children and it's important to me that they stay well. >> that was brent solomon reporting and good advice. >> bernie madoff has big shoes to fill, and now you can own them. jane king has a look at the bloomberg business report. good morning. >> good morning. the latest on forclosures, this is out from realtytrac. the good news here, home seizures fell in october. the biggest decline in a year but the reason, attorneys general nationwide, the probe into lender forclosure practices so the lenders were halting bank seizures and say the number would have been higher with the exception of the fallout from the robeo -- from the robo forclosures. and bernie madoff now on the auction block. auctioning off nearly 200 pairs
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of shoes, 500 pieces of clothing and furniture even his wife's engagement ring and mementos of his life before he was turned in by his son. looking lower today, we have dismal quarterly results. it's -- yesterday, slightly higher day, ire land's central bank eased tensions. lastly, burger chain wendy's changing up their french fries, so they will be made with russet potatoes and have the skin on them and expect a sprinkling of sea salt on top. wendy's says don't worry, though, they will still sell for the same price. >> i think we better check the fries out just to be sure.
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>> yes. >> i love fries. let me know. >> see you back here at :15. >> the time is now 5:21, 41 degrees on tv hill. coming up, traffic and weather together. >> and controversy over a book aimed at giving pedophiles advice. >> don't forget to email your response to us at ranking baltimore second in the city of most unattractive people. email your response to us at
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to where to get the car fixed. auto service plus is the one auto repair shop that's out to earn women's respect and trust. >> auto service plus. service you can trust. go to for a location near you.
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roll it! >> announcing our fall and winter maintenance specials. you could save up to $65 dollars in additional rebates. only from auto service plus. service you can trust. go to for a location near you. >> a controversy has erupted over an ebook for sale on amazon called "the pedophilesfied to love and pleasure." >> now on online movement to
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boycott ason from selling the book but amazon says this is a matter of free speech. >> many know would give the child erotic pleasure. >> she could hardly read it. >> i'm just not ok with this coming out there. >> the self-published book sold as a kindle download from amazon is called the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure, and it is called an outrage. >> stop. disgusting. it's something that he is not in any way acknowledging the victim. >> the book offers edicts, a code of ethics so young children don't get hurt or mistreated during sexual relations with an adult. at one point author writes the one bit of advice is avoid becoming sexually involved with sex wall miners of any age
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because it's illegal within an into rant hostile society. he spoke outside his colorado home. >> every time you see them on television they are either murderers or rapists and that's not an accurate representation. >> people are beginning to clamor for a boycott of amazon just as the christmas shopping season nears. >> amazon released this statement. we -- amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts however we do support the are the of every stroid make their own purchasing decisions. >> this is not a freedom of speech. this is a guidebook towards pedophilia which hurts people in too many ways. >> very disturbing. that was jeff burnside reporting. 5:26. 44 degrees on tv hill.
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coming up in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> a fire at an autobody shop turns deadly. >> new airport regulations aren't getting the best reviews and there's even talk of a protest. >> things are nice and quiet weather-wise. we'll check your seven-day forecast. >> we'll also check the one problem in brooklyn. a vehicle fire to avoid. we'll check for problems elsewhere thi [ male announcer ] dear civic, boy we wish hadn't told you to start looking over your shoulder. ♪ we were gonna sneak up on ya. ya know, with our 1.4 liter turbo charged engine and our six speed automatic transmission. shhhh... we're going hunting. it's civic season. ♪ the all-new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪
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granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 1% natural. 100% delicious. [ male announcer ] build your with the $2.50 breakfast combo. nature valley -- 1% natural. get a 16oz. cup of piping-hot seattle's best coffee and a savory new sunrise subway melt built fresh to your order for just $2.50. subway. build your better breakfast. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today, i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us. let's get a check of weather and traffic on this veterans day. >> there's a ravens game and only one person up here wearing purple and white. does feel like a friday.
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>> excuse me. >> i beg to differ. >> me either. >> it's purple friday, though. do we do purple thursday? >> ok. >> an unusual week. >> trying to get out of this. >> you didn't call me to tell me. we usually compare notes. >> it's a thursday game. weather-wise gorgeous. not a whole lot to talk about. in the 30's in the northwest suburbs. shooting for 65 degrees this afternoon with a lot of sunshine so we're going to keep the stretch of beautiful weather going into today and i think you'll like the weekend. >> and your morning commute so far so good. it is veterans day after all so if you're going to be heading out in brooklyn, one problem a vehicle fire at crestview and ritchie highway. you can see we're at 50 miles
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per hour at fairfax and 95 coming out of the northeast, looking good. problem-free so far on the harrisburg expressway. 11 minutes 95 south towards 32. 11 minutes on the outer loop east side. here's a look at greenspring. so far, so good. a live view of traffic at dulaney valley. coming toward us is outer loop traffic and still in great shape. back to you. >> firefighters in anne arundel county investigating the discovery of two bodies inside an autobody shop. >> family members say they were two of the shops employees. jennifer franciotti joins us live from glen burnie this morning with details. >> it took firefighters nearly an thundershower get this fire under control and it was during cleanup they learned two
5:32 am
employees were missing. >> family members gather in support after an autobody shop burns down. firefighters discovered the bodies of two men inside. luis vasquez says he is sure his son-in-law is one of the victims. >> we loved both of them. we have to deal with it. >> firefighters arrived at the building around 9:30 a.m. they found flames shooting through the roof. the walls collapsed and roof caved in. it took 60 firefighters to fight the fire and then they were told there could be two people in the building still. >> according to friends and family members, 45-year-old macho and 17-year-old johnny ramos worked 16-18-hour shifts overnight and often slept there. >> i tried to call and nobody answered the phone. >> he is the younger employee's
5:33 am
brother-in-law. >> i said something has happened. it's very hard. but i'm waiting here to find out. >> the two men are described as hard-working friendly people who loved working on cars. >> this autobody shop is directly off the highway in glen burnie and as the traffic moved behind me you can see that is belt washington traffic. firefighters say it will take a while to determine the cause. jennifer franciotti wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. >> a baltimore city teen is charged with murder after a shooting on halloween left a 16-year-old dead. sterling matthews who is 17 remains behind bars charged in the shooting death of the 16-year-old. two other people were shot but both of them are expected to survive. >> if you missed last night's i-team's invest investigation of last year's blizzard.
5:34 am
jayne miller conducted the investigation. it looks into the issue of snow removal and how baltimore city plans to revise their plan in case it happens again. >> well, the disabled cruise ship is finally making its way back to shore. the 4500 passengers and crew could be back in san diego later today. their seven-day cruise started sunday but cut short when a fire broke out in the engine room on monday. right now the ship has limited service under auxiliary power. two tug boats are helping the 952-ton ship back to land. meanwhile the head of the carnival cruise lines say this is the worst time they've had but they are providing live music, free amenities and passengers are allowed to sleep on deck.
5:35 am
>> after massive engine failure on a takeoff flight leaving singapore, kwan us the officials say the flights will not fly again until they are proven safe. >> and passengers even some pilots say airport security has gone too far. one man has called for a national opt out day where passengers reject scanners and demand hand pat downs the day before thanksgiving. >> enhanced pat down procedures where almost nothing is off limits, some passengers are saying enough is enough. >> it's embarrassing to stand in front of all those people. it's like getting groped. >> pilots object to the radiation. they say the pat down in
5:36 am
private is what they will request. >> we are saying we are not going to participate in this. >> a washington man who calls himself a frequent traveler set the up this website calling on passengers to opt out of enhanced body scans. >> it's not right. taking our privacy away. it's just too far. >> in a statement the t.s.a. says these are necessary. t.s.a. uses the latest intelligence to employ the latest technology to stay ahead of threats. >> i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> i think they have to do whatever they have to do to ensure our security. i'm ok with it. >> that was scott gordon
5:37 am
reporting. >> today americans observe veterans day. that means changes to so of the services we're used to. all federal, state and county offices, courts and post offices are closed. that includes the m.b.a. the pence and brunswick stations are on the s schedule. libraries will be open today and baltimore city is the only jurisdiction that has canceled trash pickup for today. in the spirit of today's remembrance, you can help us with welcomes home to memories, you can share your photos and video on just click on u-local. >> more and more children are being diagnosed with hdhd.
5:38 am
>> and don't forget to email your response to us at what do you think of a national magazine ranking baltimore second in the entire country for the most unattractive people? we're still puzzled by this. email your response to us at >> i want a recount. i really do. as far as your morning commute, a couple things to watch out for. northbound 95.
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>> and welcome back. the time is 40 minutes after 5:00. 49 degrees downtown. but much cooler in the suburbs. but other than the temperatures, it's going to be another nice one. 29 in york, pennsylvania.
5:41 am
we can see a lot of sunshine during the day. mild this afternoon with a high near 65. when we come back we'll check your seven-day forecast. for now, to the news desk. >> in this morning's "medical alert" the f.d.a. is pushing for safer c.t. scans to protect patients from excessive radiation. it would alert operators of a high radiation dose and extra training programs would be required for those using equipment. the f.d.a. found scanners did not malfunction if used properly. high doses can cause skin burns, cataracts and even deaths. >> more children are being diagnosed, one in every 10 of adhd. parents were asked if their parents -- if their children were ever receive that
5:42 am
diagnosis. the number jumped by 20%. they say doctors, parents and teachers are getting better at identifying it even though some of those symptoms can mimic typical kid behavior. >> still ahead. keith mills on the dramatic win by the temperatures. >> and very good morning to you from the timonium fairgrounds. we are cooking up a storm for the 35th anniversary of the maryland irish festival. stay tuned for a lush is report coming up. >> up next, an update on weather and traffic pulse 11 for your morning commute. stay with us. you're w
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell with a check on your morning commute. a couple of problem spots to point out to you.
5:45 am
volume is not an issue. we're expecting it to be on the lighter side because of veterans day. on keith avenue an accident coming in. in brooklyn crestview at ritchie highway a vehicle fire still being worked on. 51 miles per hour coming down from the northeast on the beltway. let's give you a live view of traffic in greenspring. so far, so good in the northwest corner of the beltway. at liberty, so far west side checking out fine. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony? >> thank you sarah. we have nice weather on tap as we head into the weekend and the seven-day forecast in a moment. first good morning to sandra shaw out at the maryland state farpe grounds to tell us about what's coming up. >> 35 years of the irish
5:46 am
festival. we are making sausage with a stout sauce, sausage and peppers. one of the big attractions would be the food but there's also dancers, we are an -- we have an irish guitarist. there's a huge pub in the center. a children's area kicking off friday at 6:00 a.p. -- 6:00 a.m. takes place until noon on sunday. back to what we're cooking. tell is what the story is behind this recipe. >> this recipe is from my great fwrand mother. came out of ireland and it's a wild heather honey stout sauce made traditionally with pork they call gamon. we have butter, garlic, honey, time, black pepper. >> and guinness? >> the guinness stout. i had my neighbor last night as
5:47 am
a manager of the local restaurant over here called the oregon grill, and he brought me two bottles home last night. because i had none at the house. >> and you have to have that. >> the main ingredient. i'm like oh, my gosh! what am i going to do? >> everything irish. >> the fun, the camaraderie. i have a group of people, family and friends that get upset every year when i tell them i'm not going to do the food anymore. they say you have to. we are going to come back. >> and you are with mccormick, the spice company. >> yes, the food service executive chef with mccormick spice for the last 26 years. >> i can't wait to try it. we're going to hear more from brenden who is playing the celtic guitar behind us. we have dancers coming up. everything irish this morning for the 3 ath anniversary of
5:48 am
the maryland irish festival kicking off on friday. let's take a look at h.d. doppler. as far as the weather goes. high pressure is in full control. we basically see another system brewing over the plains. bringing in the chance of showers. other than that, we are looking good for the weekend. good news. right now, tony, everything irish here at the maryland irish festival. >> that sounds like fun. this is 30 years? >> 35 years. it's the 35th anniversary. a genuine tradition, and tony, this looks so good, this sausage with peppers and the stout sauce. it's really fun to be working this morning. >> the irish food is really good and very unique. looking forward to that. >> go ahead. >> it's one of our many dishes we have. and the good thing about our festival is we cook everything
5:49 am
with guinness. >> there you go! [laughter] >> everything's better with a little splash of guinness. thank you. we appreciate that. >> we'll talk to you in the next half-hour coming up at the maryland state fairgrounds in timonium. 36 in parkens. a little bit of difference in the temperature north around south, but certainly nothing unusual. just take a light jacket with you. o than temperatures, nothing to discuss. the skies are clear. the big storm off the east coast is gone. towards the tail end of the weekend, this could catch up to us, but the huge area of high pressure is going to take control of the bigger part of this area in the country. that means continued nice weather. mostly sunny, that's our forecast for today. the highs today in the mid 60's. yesterday we hit 64.
5:50 am
in that neighborhood again today. sunrise at 6:45. mostly clear tonight with temperatures dropping back into the upper 30's and lower 40's. during the day tomorrow. no change in the weather map. high pressure anchored on the east coast and this system gets a touch closer to us, but i don't expect precipitation until sunday. 65 today. how about 70 tomorrow? the average high is 58. upper 60's on saturday. 30% chance for a shower on sunday. no big deal. the best chance for rain by far will be during the middle of next week. so get out and enjoy it. >> thank you. no matter how big a celebrity is today, they had to start at the bottom and work their way up. >> while their embarrassing moments may be forgotten they are only a click away online. >> you can see the funny videos before they were stars on
5:51 am, click on entertainment. >> the time is 5:50. 44 degrees? >> yes. it is. 44 degrees. much more ahead on 11 news today. >> including answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here's a look at last night's maryland winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> time to get to your answer to our water cooler question of the day. >> what do you think of a national magazine rang ranking baltimore second in the city with the most unattractive people? >> one writes i believe these people are attractive. keep the responses coming. we're going to post them all on the front page of our website. >> good morning, everybody. big ravens game tonight. we begin with college basketball. last night a dramatic last-succeed win for the university of maryland. the temperatures played that college of charleston coached by bobby cremins and his team
5:55 am
nearly pulled the upset but had no answer when the big guy inside from maryland, jordan williams, 26 points, 15 rebounds. for the 6'10" sophomore. the temperatures tied it at the half. that's barren white the freshman. 37-37 at the half. led by andrew go lock, charleston, this shot. a three-point machine. temperatures down eight. they go back inside to jordan williams, and they are down one with eight seconds left. freshman pay shawn howard from oak hill hits the shot. the temperatures up one. andrew goldlock the other way for charleston for the win? off the back of the rim! and check out garry williams' reaction. [laughter] 75-74, maryland wins. they are -- man, he and bobby cremins have had some battles in their day, and they had
5:56 am
another one last night. ravens in atlanta getting ready for their prime time game against the falcons. the ravens are bayne underdogs despite another dominating performance on sunday from haloti had ina. named the nfc defensive player of the week after he jacked chad henning. watch this play. no. you're not going anywhere. ricky williams goes down. playing at a ridiculously high level. as for tonight, you can see the game right here on wbal-tv 11 news. we kick off our ravens coverage with prime time pregame show for you 7:00-58 p.m. pete gilbert, cod draw ismail. codray ismail. >> they are not the ravens. >> i agree with stan.
5:57 am
>> me too. whatever y'all say. [laughter] >> here's a look ahead. >> fewer people are heading to the alter these days. we'll explain why. >> and the robeo calls could cost the person behind them dearly. >> and as we head into fall, people head to the beach in florida for a sand skull. ing competition. >> it's not exactly beach weather in the forecast. but i think you're going to like it. sarah? >> veterans day. lighter on the roads. if you are traveling in anne arundel county, details coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> an autobody shop in anne arundel county burns to the ground, killing two people. details next. >> president obama in south korea today as glo


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